Marijke Wiesenekker born in the Centre of Amsterdam, picked up the mandolin at the age of ten. In 2000, several years later, she started her studies at Conservatory of Music in Wuppertal with professor Marga Wilden‑Hüsgen (classical and baroque mandolin). In February 2007, she finished her studies as performing artist. Her favourite instruments are a classical mandolin built by Reinhold Seiffert, a Gibson A-Modell and an electric solid body mandolin by Rickenbacker. Marijke also plays baroque mandolin, guitar and bass guitar.

Marijke is musically inspired by composers such as Gabriele Leone and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The mandolinists she enclosed into her musical world are Bill Monroe, Dave Apollon, Howard Frey, Yank Rachell and Giovanni Giovale. A colourful range of players, marked by their own personal approach of the mandolin.

At the moment, Marijke lives in Wuppertal (Germany) and gives concerts and workshops both in the Netherlands and in Germany. She teaches at several music schools, conducts the plucked string orchestra Hüls and Bottrop-Kirchhellen (Germany) and is regularly asked to be a jury member of Jugend musiziert. Since 2011, Marijke is teaching at the Artesis Hogeschool in Antwerp, Belgium.

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Opening Concert • Friday, 09.25.2015
Master Class • Sunday, 09.27.2015