Bağlama-Guitar Duo is founded in 2012 by Efgan Rende and Ali Kazim Akdag. Having undertaken many academic and artistic events, these two instrumentalists came together to share their background and create common values based an these backgrounds. The group, brings a new interpretation to the pieces that are of various cultures and are part of instrumental music literature. One of the main aims of the group is to bring a new angle to the instrumental techniques and enrich the instrument's repertoire with new tunes. The Duo's repertoire consists of Anatolian musical elements, as well as other musical productions from around the world. Live performance is essential to the Duo's stage perspective. As a result of their studies, to convey their musical production to the audience they produced their first album in 2014. The group continues their stage and album performances.

Efgan Rende Born in 1976 in Berlin. Completed his first and secondary education in Antakya. Received his undergraduate degree from Uludağ University Faculty of Education, Department of Music Education and his mater's degree from the Social Sciences Institute of the same university with his thesis on F. Tarrega's contribution to classical guitar education. He continued his studies on guitar with Bekir Küçükay, faculty at Istanbul University State Conservatory. He is appointed as music teacher by the Turkish Ministry of National Education in 2002 and in 2005-2006 academic year, he taught guitar at Balikesir University Faculty of Education Music Education department. Throughout his music life, he gave many solo and chamber concerts with various projects. Currently, Rende teaches guitar at Istanbul Avni Akyol Fine Arts High School.

Ali Kazim Akdag Born in 1978 in Malatya. Received his undergraduate degree from Inönü University Faculty of Education, Department of Music Education and master's degree from Haliç University Conservatory. In 2006, he was appointed by the Turkish Ministry of National Education to write "bağlama curriculum" and four volumes of bağlama text books for Fine Arts High Schools. He is also the author of two books: Bağlamada Düzenler ve Tezene Tavirlari (Orders and Plectrum Styles in Bağlama, Pan Yayincihk, 2010) and for amateur music schools Bağlama Metodu 1, (Bağlama Method 1, Aks Akademi, 2012). He contributed to many albums as instrumentalist, music director and arranger. One being solo, Akdag has three instrumental albums and a choir and Fine Arts High School.

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Opening Concert • Friday, 09.25.2015
Crossover-Concert • Saturday, 09.26.2015