Since 1999, Marijke Wiesenekker (Mandolin/Voice) and her brother Michiel Wiesenekker (Guitar/Voice) have been performing as the Amsterdams Gitaar en Mandoline Duo. Their varied repertory provides great insight into the appealing world of mandolin and guitar music, both for acoustic and electric instruments. The duo produces its own CDs and music label under the name Wouldn't Listen. In 2013, they issued one of their most sensitive and personal interpretations under the title Baumstrasse 14. This record demonstrates a wide spectrum from the Romantic to Blues, Klezmer, Lounge, Classic and Experimental.

As all-round musicians, they are in high demand to lead workshops and seminars both in- and outside the country. Besides other music schools, Marijke teaches also at the Artesis Hogeschool in Antwerp, Belgium, while her brother Michiel teaches - among others - at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf, both under the subject Mandolin and Guitar in Popular Music.

As the Amsterdams Gitaar en Mandoline Duo, they are performing yearlong in Germany and the Netherlands. They have also given concerts in Spain, Russia, Japan and the USA.

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Opening Concert • Friday, 09.25.2015
Master Class • Sunday, 09.27.2015