Itamar Doari was born in Israel 1985. He began his musical training when he was only six years old, playing traditional percussion instruments such as Frame Drums, Darbuka, Riq and more. During his early years he had the honour to learn from some of the greatest music teachers in hand-drums and percussion from Israel and abroad - including Zohar Fresco, Glen Vallez, Sallem Darwish and Ahmed Taher. Itamar graduated from Klor Music School with honors, in 2003. At the age of seventeen he was already playing and touring around the world with some of the most renowned musicians in Israel.

Playing on some of the most well known stages and festivals in Israel and around the world, Itamar has become a strong force in the percussion scene world-wide, making his unique way and sound and reaching big audiences around the world. He does so, by playing different percussion instruments and collaborating with artists from different styles and origins world-wide. Itamar was the winner of the America-Israel Foundation Scholarship for 2009/2010.

Itamar toured for 3 years with Avishai Cohen including 3 records together. Their latest album Seven Seas which Itamar also Co-produced was nominated for a French Grammy award. Itamar is a member in the Band Yemen Blues, a new and unique project with musicians working together from New York and Israel, performing worldwide. Itamar is also a collaborator in the latest Berry Sakharof worldwide tour. Their album You are here was the winner of album of the year in Israel 2011. Itamar also took part in the Israeli International Idan Raichel Project which also won best album and best group performance of the year in Israel. Other artists whom Itamar has worked with include Yasmin Levy, Shem-Tove Levi, Fools of Prophecy, Sheva, Ahuva Ozeri, Omar Faruk Tkhbilak, Samir Makhull, Amal Murkus, Avshalom Farjun, Shai Ben Tzur and Avi Avital.

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