Steffen Trekel and Michael Tröster form a top ranking duo in this exquisite cast of chamber music musicians. Their experience over many years in the field of chamber music in the most diverse casting of players has allowed this mandolin-guitar-duo to meld quickly into a very special unit. Their pure joy in musical expression and absolutely limitless technical possibilities on their instruments guarantee an intense musical experience.
Since their foundation in 2004 the duo already gave concerts in many parts of Germany as well as in Spain, Poland, Holland, Switzerland, Japan, and South Korea. They appeared at large festivals and in various concert halls and delighted equally their audiences and the press.
Their programs encompass the entire scope of the Original Music for Mandolin and Guitar, or Basso Continuo, but also their own arrangements of especially suitable selections. Particular emphasis is given to rendering striking and breathtaking contemporary music. This is evidenced by the first CD recording En garde, which comprises the whole spectrum of exciting, rhythmic accentuated compositions, inspired by film music, all the way to entertaining tunes influenced by South American folklore.

To accomplish this, the musicians use a large selection of instruments in order to impart a very special character to the selections they perform. Along with the modern instruments, the performers also use baroque-mandolin and baroque-guitar, as well as romantic instruments and mandola, with great emphasis placed on the authentic instrumental treatment.

Apart from their extensive concert activity, of special concern to both musicians, is passing along their experience and knowledge with regard to musical, instrumental and humanitarian values. For this reason, Steffen Trekel and Michael Tröster, together, are in demand as lecturers for continued education and master courses in Germany as well as foreign countries.

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Festival Concert • Friday, 09.25.2015